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Special Programs

We can accommodate any kind of special needs for children and adults including autism, blind surfers, handicaps, paraplegics, quadriplegics and Attention Deficit Disorder children (ADD). 

Each year we provide surfing lessons for groups like the Jr. Blind.

Best Day Foundation Ventura event Oct 3-4, 2009 

They Will Surf Again, a no-cost program underwritten by Life Rolls On and generous sponsors, is the most popular program of Life Rolls On. Injured athletes from around the country gather together for a day of surfing! Some have not surfed since their injury, some have never surfed, some surf all the time despite their varying mobility. TWSA connects dozens of volunteers, with a handful of injured surfers, together for a day of excitement, joy, and best of all, surf! Safety precautions and experienced watermen (and women), along with lifeguards will be present. No prior surfing experience is necessary. Quality of Life surveys may be required for future participants.

Best Day Foundation
Best Day enables kids with special needs to experience the thrill of adventure activities regardless of of their challenges. Our safe, life-changing days at the beach or in the snow include surfing, bodyboarding & kayaking or sledding, tubing & building snow-men - activities most kids only dream of! We often hear that the fun-filled day was the best day in the child's life, and that it gave the family hope to try new experiences. You can help make a difference - and you don't even have to know how to surf or sled to have a huge impact! Volunteer your time or make a donation to help special kids like this have their Best Day ever!
Success Oriented Achievement Realized features success-oriented, high adventure program for preteens, teens and adults with Learning Disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD). Emphasis is placed on developing self-confidence, social skills, problem-solving techniques, a willingness to attempt new challenges and the motivation which comes through successful goal orientation.

SOAR believes all individuals identified with learning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit disorder (AD/HD) possess inherent talents and gifts. These abilities can mean incredible success in adulthood, once these students negotiate the challenging obstacles of childhood, adolescence, and a traditional education system which is usually unable to respond to individual learning styles.
Camp Ramah is an ACA accredited, coed, residential, overnight, sleep-away summer camp affiliated with the Conservative Movement and National Ramah Commission and operates under the educational auspices of the University of Judaism.

Ventura, California. Close to Rincon, one of California's best point breaks, along with stellar surfing at Emma Wood and Solimar-just far enough from Los Angeles and close enough to Santa Barbara. It's a great place to meet on beautiful uncrowded beaches. There is a great local vibe in the water with everyone sharing the stoke. Ventura hosted the first prize-money surfing contest (in 1965), and it was here that three-time world champ Tom Curren and the "phun hog/tube junkies" Malloy brothers perfected their moves. Ventura's cool old downtown-wedged up against the foothills a few blocks from the Pacific-is packed with eateries, thrift shops, and bookstores. For more information Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau.

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