Our Team

At Surfclass, our mission is to give the best possible surf experience to every one of our students. We hope to inspire and educate surfers from all walks of life, and introduce our students to a sport and lifestyle that will change their lives forever. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for your interest, we hope to see you in the water! Mahalo!!!

Chipper 'Bro' Bell

Surfclass owner, expert surfer and all around waterman, 13x World Freestyle Frisbee Champion and true ``Ambassador of Pure Stoke``. Chipper has shared his philosophy with thousands of surfers~young, old, beginner, handicapped, and advanced. His goal is to share surfing and connect as many people as possible to a wonderful ongoing relationship with the ocean. A dedicated husband and father of four, there is no better example of pure stoke than to see Chipper down at the beach riding waves with his family.

    Stephan Aviles

    Stephan has it all going on with an amazing attitude on life, surfing, snowboarding, teaching kids, and being an all around great character.

      Nathan Bell

      Nate has lived his whole life in Ventura. Learning to surf at age 10, he has always loved the ocean. He has been a part of SURFCLASS for all of his childhood. Nathan has been helping his dad Chipper, teach kids and adults the necessary skills to surf and be safe in the ocean. Nathan is a great father and loving husband

        Keith Malloy

        Guest Instructor - born and raised in Ventura, CA.

          Kelly Bell

          Kelly grew up at the oceans edge and loves the beach and sun. She is Chippers' right hand girl and wife.

            Johnny Johnson

            comes to Surfclass.com with 30 years of wilderness experience. As a lifetime surfer, cliff diver and musician, Johnny is retired from the California Conservation Corp (CCC). His contributions to the State of California include the Creek Restoration and Estuary Enhancement program. Johnny is also an avid entomologist and is certified as a Lifeguard, EMT, Vertical Rescue Specialist, Swift Water Rescue and Community First Aid and Safety Instructor.

              Torey Bell

              Torey is a graduate from San Diego State and has been a surfer all his life. He has surfed the coasts of Hawaii, Baja, Guatamala, Costa Rica and of course, California. Torey is also Chipper's first born.


                faithful companion of Chipper Bro. Has been with Surfclass since his inception. At home in the backseat of the van or interupping surfing lessons. Enjoys chasing large sticks into big waves.

                  Tyme Good

                  Surf Instructor. Tyme has many years of surfing and ocean experience, growing up in Ventura and Hawaii. He attends UC Santa Cruz but is now on staff teaching people how to surf with ease, keeping it fun and safe.

                    Jack Bell Is an overall waterman. Born to be wild! He is currently a student at Ventura College and on his free time you will find him at the beach. All the students love Jack! He is always sharing the stoke!

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