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Surf Culture
As part of our efforts to help preserve and perpetuate our ocean heritage, Surfclass explores a vast and varied history of surfing. From the beginning of surfing 100 years ago to the history of modern surfboard design’s from the 1900’s to surfing's impact on western culture and its cultural bleed into mainstream...

This includes art, music, global surf tribes, surf legends, surf companies and surf shops. Our communities, friends and the environment in which we surf in, is all encompassing in surfculture.

Ventura, California. Close to Rincon, one of California's best point breaks, along with stellar surfing at Emma Wood and Solimar-just far enough from Los Angeles and close enough to Santa Barbara. It's a great place to meet on beautiful uncrowded beaches. There is a great local vibe in the water with everyone sharing the stoke. Ventura hosted the first prize-money surfing contest (in 1965), and it was here that three-time world champ Tom Curren and the "phun hog/tube junkies" Malloy brothers perfected their moves. Ventura's cool old downtown-wedged up against the foothills a few blocks from the Pacific-is packed with eateries, thrift shops, and bookstores. For more information Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau.

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