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About Us

At Surfclass, our mission is to give the best possible surf experience to every one of our students. We hope to inspire and educate surfers from all walks of life, and introduce our students to a sport and lifestyle that will change their lives forever.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for your interest, we hope to see you in the water!


Our Team

Chipper "Bro" Bell, 46-Ventura, Surfclass Owner, Expert surfer and all around waterman, 12 time World Freestyle Frisbee Champion and true "Ambassador of Surf Stoke". Chip has shared his surf stoke with thousands of surfers, young and old, beginner to advanced. He is on a mission to share surfing and connect as many people as possible to a wonderful ongoing relationship with our oceans. A dedicated husband and father of four great kids, there is no better example of pure stoke than to see Chip down at the beach riding waves and playing in the ocean with his family.
Johnny Johnson comes to with 30 years of wilderness experience. As a lifetime surfer, cliff diver and musician, Johnny is working for the California Conservation Corp (CCC). Creek Restoration and Estuary Enhancement. Johnny is also an avid entomologist and is certified as a Lifeguard, EMT, Vertical Rescue Specialist, Swift Water Rescue and Community First Aid and Safety Instructor.
Tori A "chip" off the old block. Chippers Son has been around Surfing all of his life.
Matt shares a special relationship with the ocean. Former student and avid surf enthusiast. CPR First Aid certified. Enjoys helping young kids to make lasting positive memories of their ocean experience with Surfclass.
Andrew Fish is a new and vocal member of the Ventura surf community. As a recent graduate from Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Andrew is stoked on officially making the ocean his office. His surfing roots date back to early childhood summers on Martha’s Vineyard. Progressively shifting his passion from competitive ski racing to surfing, Andrew has traveled the coastlines of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, California, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, and Ecuador in search for the perfect wave.
Keith Malloy Guest Instructor - born and raised in Ventura, CA. Guest Instructor
Peter Great with all ages, very dedicated
Ilan surfing since he was 11 this is Ilan's 3rd year with Surfclass. Santa Barbara native has surfed many locations in Mexico and is an advanced Long boarder
Andrew born in Ventura has been surfing 6 years. Has surfed in Hawaii
Eric grew up near Haight Ashbury, has lived 25 years in Ventura, CPR and First Aid certified. Has surfed La Fonda Beach and Mexico
Kyle Lovelle joined the team in 2006. At home anywhere in the water, Kyle is passionate about swimming, freediving, surfing, and sailing. He especially loves teaching others and bringing new people into surfing. Also an aspiring outdoorsman and environmentalist, Will is committed to protecting the ocean environment so future generations can enjoy it as much as he has.
Nicole Deleon surfing goddess!! Captain UCSB Women's Surf Team, Nicole has traveled all over the world surfing during her many "Endless Summers".
Maverick faithful companion of Chipper Bro. Has been with Surfclass since his inception. At home in the backseat of the van or interupping surfing lessons. Enjoys chasing large sticks into big waves.
Cody grew up surfing in Palasades surfing for 6 years. Has surfed in Hawaii and El Salvador. CPR First Aid certified. Enjoys going to the beach and chewing on sticks.
"Ventura and Santa Barbara County is our playground. Ventura has long been considered "the jewel" of the Pacific Coast. From point breaks to reef breaks to standing on sand bars as they melt away from the winter swells reforming to get ready for the swells from the Southern hemi's. We understand the ocean science and search out the best possible surf each day."
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